Trustpilot integration

Trustpilot integration

Utilise new opportunities online and get customer reviews via Trustpilot.


Trustpilot has come to be the online 'credibility-stamp' of the customers - and with great success. SmartWeb has a standard integration to Trustpilot, which makes it easy register and display reviews on your online store.


The integration

Trustpilot offers a service, which automatically sends a request for a review of the buying experience, a number of days after the order has been sent. This enables the customer to comment on his/hers experience of the overall buying experience, which is registered in the system afterwards. 

As soon as the Trustpilot integration is activated in SmartWeb, the system makes sure to notify Trustpilot of all orders. 

Meanwhile, it is also important to display your Trustpilot score on your online store, which can be integrated by using the HTML codes offered by Trustpilot - either in boxes or in the template.

List of functions

Below are the functions included in the integration:

  • Automatic integration to Trustpilot's Review Service
  • Display of reviews on your online store

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