Smartweb api

SmartWeb API

Integration and data exchange with the other IT system of the company

The SmartWeb API allows you to automate administrative routines between the online store and the remaining IT systems of the company. This could for instance be an integration to a financial system, which then sends order data between the systems by the API. 

With SmartWebs API you can

The API is a standard in the SmartWeb system, and it can be activated in the administration panel. Here is it also possible to see a log over the calls that have been made. 

The API needs to be called with username and password before it can be used. Afterwards it is simple a question of utilising the methods offered by the API. 

Several of the existing SmartWeb integrations for an example MailMarketing, Navision etc., are using the API. 

List of functions

Below is a list of chosen functions in the API.

  • Link between e-commerce and external systems
  • SOAP v. 1.2 (XML) API
  • Available on most languages - .NET, PHP, Java mv.
  • Full documentation
  • Guides for .NET and PHP

You can read more about this in the API manual and the API documentation

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