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Sales optimized and safe

Ordering in 1 Step

SmartWeb’s checkout (ordering) in 1 step and it is the easiest for customers and therefore optimal for your sales.


Multiple Payment Methods

You can choose if your customers should pay with credit card, invoice, mobilepay, netbank etc.


Gift Wrapping

Offer your customers the option to have their order gift-wrapped. You choose if it should be a free service.


Discount Codes

Give your good customers a discount code or use them for your campaigns and increase your sales.


Start your webshop





SSL certificate

Add an  SSL certifikate to your web shop and protect all of your content, credit card information and transaction information.


Shipping is Standard

SmartWeb contains a standard shipping setup, i.a. GLS Pakkeshop.


Credit Card Payments

SmartWeb is integrated with all the big Danish payment modules and therefore can offer credit card payments.


Offer Free Shipping

Would you like to offer a free shipping service to your customers? It is now easy to set it up in your SmartWeb web shop.




We have more than 100 videos tutorials, online manual and the option 

to call or write us - for free!