Integration Tool

ShopLink makes integration with outside apps fast and easy – without a lot of programing – through SmartWeb’s API. 


ShopLink gives SmartWeb users yet another easy integration option: flat file exchanges (CSV). Once ShopLink is installed on a customer’s Windows server, it takes charge of data exchange between your online store and an external system. This makes integration with systems like C5 and XAL simple and straightforward.


The integration

ShopLink ensures that all export files are saved on the customer's server in CSV format, every time an order is generated in your online store. It also ensures import of product files from a specific folder on the server. The result is a two-way integration, without having to program a middle layer. 

The ShopLink integration tool is appropriate for external systems where flat file exchange is standard – e.g., older versions of C5 and XAL. 


List of functions

Here is a list of ShopLink function options and features:

  • Link between SmartWeb’s API and external systems (CSV-files)
  • Easy installation on Windows server
  • Choose console or graphic version
  • Export orders from ShopLink to external systems
  • Import products/stock from external systems to ShopLink
  • Functions well with older versions of C5 and XAL

> Learn more about ShopLink in our manual.

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