Quickpay provides you with many possibilities and a user friendly-product.

Quickpay is a save payment method for your online store. Quickpay supports all the common credit cards along with a line of other payment methods such as invoicing, Paypal and Sofort banking.

With a subscription from Quickpay you get:

  • High level of security
  • Customer support
  • Integration to e-conomic
  • Partial payments
  • Support many different languages
  • And much more

With a Quickpay subscription, you pay a monthly fee. This fee includes 500 transactions. If you have more than 500 transactions you have to pay specific amount per transaction. The integration to Quickpay is a standard in the SmartWeb system. However the integration demands a subscription with Quickpay.

This is how the integration works

In order to use the integration you need a subscription for with Quickpay. You afterwards have to insert your Merchant ID from Quickpay in your online store administration. You are then ready to receive credit card payments. You customers are then able to pay with all the payment methods that you have activated at Quickpay. When the payments has been approved you can withdraw or cancel the transaction through the order-module in SmartWeb. You therefore do not have to log in anywhere else to process the order.

How to proceed

You need a subscription with Quickpay and a merchant agreement with NetsEurolineSwedbank or Handelsbanken.
Afterwards you need to activate Quickpay on your online store. Read more about this in our online manual.

You can always call our customer support if you need any help.

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