Product filter

Product filter

The product filter is integrated into your online store, allowing your customers to narrow their searches easily and intuitively. Once a shopper chooses a product category, they simply click on their preferences and the product filter does the rest, exclude irrelevant products and displaying only those that fit.

List of functions

The product filter comes all ready to sort your products according to:

  • Price range
  • On-sale items
  • New arrivals
  • Brands
  • Product categories
  • Extended product data
  • Product variants

It is easy to get started with this integration. The only thing you have to do is:


  • Log in to your SmartWeb webshop
  • Click on "My subscription" left on the screen
  • Click on "Usermodule"
  • Click on "Product filter"


The app will now be available for you next time you log in to your webshop.


Read more about sites and language in the online manual


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