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Online Store (monthly)
€ 4 pr. month
First 6 months. Hereafter € 26 pr. month
€ 11.50 pr. month
First 6 months. Hereafter € 69 pr. month
€ 21.50 pr. month
First 6 months. Hereafter € 129 pr. month
€ 44.50 pr. month
First 6 months. Hereafter € 269 pr. month
Setup cost
There is no setup cost
Order fee
All the money is yours. You do not pay a fee for your turnover
Creditcard payment
We have integrations for the best payment solutions
OnPay payment module (monthly)
The OnPay payment system is available in two versions. Start-Up: € 0,00/month + € 0,15 transaction. Success: € 12,95/monthly. incl. 500 transactions - in addition € 00.05 per transaction
From € 0,00 + € 0,15 /trans.
From € 0,00 + € 0,15 /trans.
From € 0,00 + € 0,15 /trans.
From € 0,00 + € 0,15 /trans.
Payment module other than OnPay
Possibility of payment modules other than OnPay
All the shipping solutions you need
GLS, Consignor etc.
Both GLS and Consignor are standard integrations
Our webshop system is integrated to all the marketing channels you need
Google Shopping
Automatically create your products as ads on Google
Facebook Shopping
Sell your products through Facebook Shopping. Free integration
Pricerunner, Kelkoo etc.
Reach even more customers with integrated marketplaces. Free integrations
Point of Sale (POS)
Possibility of purchasing POS systems for your physical store
iPOS, FlexPOS mfl.
Integrations for Point of Sale systems
Get your support in one place - we help you with more than just your webshop
Free support
Phone & Email Support + Help Videos
Hosting and updates
Free hosting and updates to your webshop
Moving your webshop
We help you move and ensure that it is done safely and painlessly for you
Selected features
Professional webshop system with all the features you need
Webshop incl. website and blog
You get the webshop, website system and blog in one system
Number of products
Create all your products. No restrictions on number of products
The number of languages your webshop has by default. Possibility of additional language acquisition
Responsive designs
Mobile-friendly designs that sell your products - one click and your design is installed
Employee logins
Unlimited number of employees who can log into your webshop
Free SSL certificate
Increase the security of your webshop with a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
API access
Give your programmer access to retrieve data in the webshop and build new integrations yourself
Discount codes / gift cards
Easily create gift cards and discount codes
Full template access
HTML, CSS & JavaScript
User module
Allow your customers to create an account and re-order in your webshop
Option module
Create options for your products
Import/export module
Create advanced export & import files from your webshop
Professional sales and keyword statistics
Sell files
With file sales you can sell electronic files online
Bundled products
Put together several part numbers for new products in packages
Product ratings and reviews
Allows your customers to review and evaluate your products
Sales discount / Sales fees
Sales discount allows you to create discounts or fees on the total order in the shopping cart
Wish list
Allows your customers to create and add items to a personal wish list
B2B discount
Advanced price management for your customer groups and special prices for business customers
Additional fields
Additional fields are used to create a number of general data such as year, material, type and dimensions
Product filter
Make your products more searchable with a product filter
Stock location
Create different storage locations for your products
Unlimited API calls
Common limit is 50,000 API calls per day
Orders per month
Number of orders per month is considered a floating average over the past 180 days. When you hit the limit, you will be contacted by our sales department regarding upgrading to the next package. Your webshop will operate unaffected in the meantime
< 100 orders
< 250 orders
< 1000 orders
< 2.500 orders*
All prices are ex. VAT
*If you have more than 2,500 orders/month, we recommend Webshop Enterprise. Contact us for more info.




How do I get started with SmartWeb?

Your first step is to order a free SmartWeb demo. You can do that here. Once you’ve got your free demo, it can be upgraded to a live solution at any time. This is done under the tab "Subscription" in your SmartWeb administration panel. Order your free demo here.

How do I pay for my subscription?

When you order your solution through the "Subscription" tab in your SmartWeb administration, you will receive an invoice for your first six months immediately. The invoice is payable through bank transfer.

Can I change from one package to another?

Yes, you can. Just go to "Subscription" in your SmartWeb administration.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, of course. You can buy or move domains by going to "Subscription" in your SmartWeb administration. Read more about Domain Prices

Can I use my own design?

Of course. We recommend that you use one of our certified partners; they are skilled in online store designs and familiar with the SmartWeb system. You can also choose to do the setup yourself, or have us help you with it. Feel free to contact us if you already have a design you’d like to use – we will be happy to set it up for you. You can learn more about design here.

Can I choose to unsubscribe?

Yes, you can unsubscribe whenever you want. Under "Subscription" in your SmartWeb administration, you can choose to cancel your subscription. If you do this, your online store and subscription will expire at the end of your current period. You can learn more by reading our terms, here.

How much do updates cost?

Updates are free! They are included as part of your subscription. We update SmartWeb approximately twice a week. Your site will be updated automatically – you don’t need to do anything, and the updates should never disrupt your business operations.

How can I get help or advice?

Please feel free to call us at 0045 4333 1793. To learn more about SmartWeb’s customer service, visit here.



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