Receive payment easily at your webshop

SmartWeb's payment module is a collaboration with OnPay and gives you a lot of benefits as a SmartWeb customer.

OnPay is for those who want a good, secure and affordable payment solution.



When you buy an OnPay payment module from SmartWeb you get:

  • EUR 0 in creation
  • Secure payment module on your webshop
  • We install your payment module so you don't have to think about the technical
  • We will provide you with support on your payment module if you experience any problems with your payments


How it works

With the OnPay payment module, you can receive credit card payments at your webshop via redeemers like Nets and Clearhaus.


The payment module OnPay is a piece of software that approves the card number, expiry date, check digits and verifies the payment with the redeemers Nets or Clearhaus. In principle, OnPay acts as the payment terminal you are used to when shopping in stores.

The customer can pay with the payment cards that you have agreed with Nets or Clearhaus. Once the customer has paid, it is possible through the order module in SmartWeb to cancel and cancel the transaction.

You can order your OnPay payment module at SmartWeb at any time. However, we recommend that you start the application with Nets or Clearhaus as soon as possible, as it may take time before the application is finalized.


How to order

You order OnPay when you are logged into your webshop.

Go to: My Subscription> Extensions

Here you select "OnPay payment module".

If you would like to purchase MobilePay, please write to our support.

You pay for the payment module directly at SmartWeb.


Merchant agreement

A redemption agreement is an agreement with an "acquirer" who is responsible for depositing the money into your bank account when your customers pay by credit card at your webshop. When purchasing OnPay you have the option of having Nets or Clearhaus as redeemers.



You must have a redemption agreement at Nets if you want to receive Dankort, Visa / Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, etc. in your webshop.

Start your application with Nets

You pay for the redemption agreement with Nets.

When choosing a provider in the application process, select "OnPay" PSP (Payment System Provider).


Offer for SmartWeb customers
If you order via the link above: "Start your application with Nets", you will receive both free registration (usually DKK 1,000) and the monthly subscription to your credit card agreement with international cards; VISA, Mastercard, Union Pay, JCB and others). Please note that the offer is only valid for new Nets Merchants Services customers (gl. Teller) and that you must first pay monthly subscription and creation from 01 January 2020.



You have the option of obtaining a redemption agreement with Clearhaus.

Start your application at Clearhaus
You pay for the redemption agreement at Clearhaus.

When choosing a provider in the application process, select "OnPay" as the Payment System Provider (PSP).

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