Create more webshops in SmartWeb

Multi Shop


If you are thinking about expanding your shop to other countries or do you consider working with a new concept, then SmartWeb made it easy for you.


With Multi Shop it is easy for you to create several different shops and manage settings across your shops, without having to think about multiple logins. With only one login you get an overview of all your shops. You have even the possibility to choose different designs that fits exactly your needs and expectations.

With Multishop you can:

  • Make different designs for your webshops
  • Manage language, valuta, contact information etc. per. webshop
  • Choose which products should be shown on your webshops
  • link different domains to the differnet webshops
  • and much more.


Multi Shop gives you a unique opportunity, easy and simple, to use your time more constructively, then you instead can use the time to sell your product.


See how easily you can get started on the "Get Started" tab.


We recommend that the multishop app only is used to webshop with the same CVR-nr., because order and invoicenumbers are mixed together. If you wish seperate order and invoice numbers, you can set up an entire new webshop. 


Are you looking for the language app? read more about the language app, which gives you the opportunity for set op more laguages on your webshops.

It is easy to get started with this integration. The only thing you have to do is:


  • Log in to your SmartWeb webshop
  • Click on "My subscription" left on the screen
  • Click on "Usermodule"
  • Click on "Multishop"
  • Choose number of shops


The app will now be available for you next time you log in to your webshop.


To any extra webshop you buy, you automatically get one langauge included.


When you create an extra webshop with the Multishop module, the extra webshop has all the needed functions included in your chosen subscription.

Hosting will remain the same. Therefore you might need a bigger hostingpackage. 

Read more about prices under the "price" section.




Multishop is the easiet and cheapest way to set up more webshops in SmartWeb.


Instead of paying for an entire new webshop subscription you can set up an extra webshop much cheaper by buying this app.


When you buy Multishop, you choose how many extra webshops you want.


The price for the Multishop app is pr. month pr. extra shop.


There is ONE langauge included each extra webshop, which means you don't need to buy the langauge app unless you wish to sell to several countrines on your shops.


If you only want to set up one or more langauges on your webshop, you should consider the language app.

Udgivet af:

25 EUR/month per extra shop

Customer support:


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