MailChimp integration to your e-commerce site

MailChimp is the obvious answer when you need more advanced newsletter solutions. 

Mailchimp ranks high among the world's leading newsletter systems, making it simple to create and send informative, engaging, targeted newsletters and emails. MailChimp’s vast selection of standard templates – and the option to create your own – is backed by an advanced HTML editor for text and images, and powerful analysis tools. You’re empowered to create and execute unique, effective newsletters and campaigns that build you brand and get response.

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List of functions

Mailchimp improves on SmartWeb’s basic newsletter module with powerful additional functions and features in these three categories:

  • Layout – big selection of templates, enabling differentiated content within the same newsletter
  • Distribution – target your mailings based on recipient interests and needs, time zones, and more
  • Statistics – built-in statistical breakdowns and integration to Google Analytics make tracking and analysis easy – monitor emails opened, link tracking and more

How do I get started?

For easy integration with MailChimp, we’ve developed a special module called MailLink. It allows you to:

  • Integrate your SmartWeb customer lists with your Mailchimp mail lists, automatically
  • Integrate your lists of SmartWeb customer interests with MailChimp lists, automatically
  • Automatically transfer any opt-outs or cancellations from MailChimp back to your SmartWeb lists


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