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How it works

Hello Retail makes it easy to optimize the personalization of your web shop helping you to expose customers for the exact content they demand. Hello Retail handles the implementation and the successive personalization of your online shop making you able to focus 100% on your sales.


Hello Retail includes an array of functions, which target your content to the individual customer for the purpose of optimization of the buying process and boosting of sales. Below you can read more about the each of the functions:


Recommendations enable you to target your products to the individual customer whatever it concerns your front page products, category products or cart products. Hello Retail automatically conducts the intelligent product recommendations based on the individual customer’s buying- and behavior patterns allowing you to focus on your sales.

Personalized banners

Using personalized banners, you are able to use retargeting in accordance with your design and your preferred specifications. Furthermore, you are able to expose your customers for personalized banners matching the individual’s searches and behavior.


The easy-to-use wishlist allows your customers to add products to their personal lists of favorite products, wishes and price observed products. After finishing their wishlist it is easy for your customers to effortlessly share it with their family and friends, which is smart when coordinating wishes.

Dynamic search

The dynamic search conducts a live search as soon as your customers start typing a product name. In praxis the customers are exposed for the searched product and additional similar products making your customers stay on the actual site instead of redirecting them to a results page. The dynamic search also corrects spelling errors automatically boosting your chances to specify the search and provide relevant search results.

Newsletter content

Hello Retail enables you to implement personalized product recommendations in your newsletters making your customers receive newsletters of the highest relevance. It is easy to adjust your design to the newsletters and you can effortlessly use personalization of these with your current provider.

Abandoned cart

Hello Retail automatically send abandoned cart and price drop e-mails to your e-mail subscribers allowing you to renew your customers interest. Are your customers leaving the cart without finishing a buy, the function automatically sends an e-mail with personalized content to remind them what they miss out on.

How to get started

The following guide shows you how to set up Hello Retail at your shop.

  1. You log into SmartWeb > click Modules in the left side > click Hello Retail.
  2. Do not have an Hello Retail account, click on the banner and follow the wizard. 
  3. Once you have created a Hello Retail account, then enter your Hello Retail id in the box under the banner.There is also here where you find your Hello Retail id. You click Save.
  4. You should now follow the wizard as described here in the panel.
  5. Hello Retail is now set up and running on your shop. 



Read more about Hello Retail https://helloretail.com/



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