Google integration

Google integration

SmartWeb offers a standard integration to the innovative e-commerce tools from Google.

Google offers a number of essential tools for the modern online storeowner. Here amongst is the statistics tool, Google Analytics, which is used for measuring the effect of websites and especially online stores. SmartWeb offers integration to these tools - which are all free!

The integration

To get access to the Google tools, you must first have a Google account. The account is free and can be created here. Afterwards you will have access to all of the tools on each of their websites. 

The integration is then established by entering the code you are given from Google, when each of the tools is set up - and you are done.



Below is an explanation of the tools

  • Google Analytics - Statistics tool for measurement of effects and detail reporting of user behaviour on your online store.
  • Google Webmaster Tools - Reporting of the present Google indexing and the options for optimisation.
  • Google Adwords sales tracking - Measurement of effects on Adwords campaigns in relation to sales. 
  • Google Sitemaps - Indexing tool that guaranties that Google finds and registers all sites on your online store.

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