GLS package shop and business

GLS Package Shop and Business integration

GLS Parcel Service and Business  

SmartWeb includes a standard integration to GLS Parcel service and GLS Business, which makes it easy for you to print labels, see status of packages, etc.

The integration

The integration enables you to export the orders of the day to GLS Parcel Service and Business from your list of orders. As soon as the orders are loaded into the GLS system, it is possible to work with them there. You can for instance write labels and send packages using track-and-trace. 
GLS Parcel service and GLS Business is listed together with your delivery methods and the method is easily recognised from the list of orders.

During the placing of the order, GLS Parcel service gives the customer the option of selecting the desired Parcel Shop delivery point, which is closest to them.

List of functions

Below you can see the functions that are included in the integration:

  • Place one or more delivery methods to GLS Parcel service or Business, to make them easily recognisable in the order module
  • The customer is able to choose the Parcel shop 'closest to you', by entering his or hers postal code
  • Export to GLS Parcel Shop or Business from the list of orders
  • Continue working with the orders in the GLS system

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