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e-conomic integration

Fully integrated with unlimited number of orders.

By embracing the needs of customers, bookkeepers and accountants, SmartWeb has developed the optimum integration with the powerful e-conomic finance system. This standardised integration makes your bookkeeping tasks faster and easier, and saves you on site development costs, too. 


The integration

Once the simple integration steps are complete, E-conomic and SmartWeb will automatically work in perfect harmony.

Manual data entry and backup tasks will be things of the past. The system is continually updated, running its update routine every 15 minutes.

All elements of your online store are perfectly synchronized – products, product variants, orders, receivables, and more.

For even greater convenience, you can activate the system’s optional storage module, to enable automatic stock updates. 

When running E-conomic and your SmartWeb store as independent systems, your store won’t be slowed down even with high-volume data transfer. 

How to proceed

  1. First, you’ll need a subscription to E-conomic. If you would like to test the integration before subscribing, take advantage of E-conomic’s free trial. You can learn more about E-conomic here.
  2. Next, the integration itself needs to be purchased and activated in SmartWeb. The integration module is available through the subscription section of your SmartWeb administration panel. You can learn more about the setup process in our online manual

For assistance or more information, you’re always welcome to contact our customer service team.  

List of Functions

The E-conomic integration includes a wide range of functions, including:

  • Two-way integration
  • Product and product variant synchronisation
  • Debtor synchronisation
  • Order synchronisation
  • Stocks status synchronisation
  • Comparison of debtors, settings for debtor transfer
  • Easy review of completed sychronisations
  • Email notifications synchronised
  • Access to settings directly in your online store
  • B2B/B2C settings

To read more about E-conomic, visit our user manual.

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