DIBS Flexwin

DIBS Payment Module

The DIBS payment module is for everyone who wants the best payment solution online.

The integration with DIBS is standard in the SmartWeb system. The integration requires a DIBS subscription and is an alternative to SmartWeb's own payment module. 

SmartWeb recommends DIBS to online stores that want to use international acquirers, multiple methods of payment as well as increased protection against fraud.

The integration

The integration requires that you have a DIBS payment module. The DIBS agreement number is inserted in the system, and you are now ready to receive payments via DIBS. 

The customer can pay via the acquirer (e.g. Nets) and by chosen payment cards as arranged with DIBS. When the customer has paid, you can withdraw or cancel the transaction via the SmartWeb order module.

How to proceed

You need a subscription at DIBS, as well as an agreement with an acquirer - e.g. Nets

Subsequently, DIBS needs to be activated on your online store.

You are always welcome to contact our customer service for help. 

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