Consignor integration for your online store

With Consignor you can automatically print and book your shipments with more than 200 distributors.

Consignor is the most sold solution for administration of distribution in Scandinavia. SmartWeb provides a full integration to CONSIGNOR that communicates "live" without the use of export-files. The module is standard in SmartWeb. 

The integration

The integration is set up via Consignor - Portal or Ticket. When the integration is set up, you can get your order data easily and fast from SmartWeb to Consignor without the use of export-files. Here you can print and book shipments with few clicks, and make use of the other services offered by Consignor. 

Because the module is standard, you do not have to set it up yourself.


How to proceed

You need a contract with EDI-Soft for Consignor Portal or Ticket. Read more about Consignor here.
The integration is set up in Consignor.

You can always contact our customer service for help. 

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