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A dedicated team with a passion for e-commerce

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SmartWeb was established in 2005 and has more than 1,600 customers today.
Although we have grown considerably since our humble beginnings, we still get excited every time we get a new customer, and we’re proud that so many have chosen our platform for their e-commerce website.

10 years of e-commerce

Passionate about e-commerce

SmartWeb is an agile company with a passion for e-commerce. It only takes a couple minutes to set up an e-commerce store via our website and get you up and running in no time at all!
We do all we can to make it easy and straightforward for ordinary folks to create their own e-commerce site via SmartWeb, and we always try to make even the more complex aspects of setting up and managing your online store simple.
We work hard every day to make life easier for our customers.

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Work should be fun

SmartWeb has a horizontal organizational structure that enables everyone in the company to actively contribute with their ideas and skills. Our work environment is very professional, but also informal and fun.
It is very important to us that our employees are able to maintain a good work-life balance. That is why we offer a flexible working arrangement so each employee can schedule their working hours as needed.
Our philosophy is that work should be something you enjoy doing since, after all, it’s such a big part of your life.

About SmartWeb

SmartWeb is made up of a dedicated team of 19 people who are passionate about e-commerce and e-commerce website development.


We are very ambitious and always have our sights fixed on the future! We are continuously seeking to build on what we do and how we do it by improving our skills and our product, and last but certainly not least, by continuing to grow and develop our business. We want to do this by working with talented colleagues who share that attitude - while also enjoying going to work and having fun!


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